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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Turning Concepts into Reality: Innovation in casting is important to keep this method of metal forming relevant in todays fast moving market. Polycast are working closely with the 3D printing industry to provide cost effective models for investment casting


  • Decreases development time - Facilitates corrections to a product early in the process.
  • Increased communication - Enables, marketing, manufacturing and purchasing personnel to analyse the proposed product early in the design process.
  • Increased effectiveness - Maximise the product effectiveness by adding necessary features and eliminating redundant ones prior to production.
  • Decreases costly mistakes - Enables the design team to analyse the product physically, early in the design process allowing for mistakes to be corrected and changes made while they are still inexpensive.
  • Increases product development - Rapid prototyping enables multiple versions of a product to be produced and evaluated in days instead of weeks allowing a client to refine a design.
  • Construction - Objects can be formed with any geometric complexity and intricacy without incurring the costs of machinery setup and complex assembly.
  • Testing - The ability to prototype enables our clients to perform functional testing with regards to the products final application, form, mechanical and material performance

Polycast and our rapid prototyping facility will enable you to develop products more efficiently and cost effectively.

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