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Polycast India

With the pressure for manufacturing from low cost countries, since 2015 Polycast have been building a substantial network within India.

Basing ourselves in the Gugarat region north west of Mumbai the Polycast network can offer a turn key solution for casting to fully finished and assembled components.

Even though Investment casting is our speciality in the UK, within India Polycast are offering many more metal forming methods.

With strengths in Forging, Sand casting, High pressure Die casting, Gravity die casting, Stamping, Machined, Powder pressing, Extruded and Metal injection moulding. This allows Polycast to find the best solution and method for your production and with the scope to change method as your volumes dictates to find the most cost-effective metal forming solution. As from 2018 Polycast are offering machine from solid and extruded component.

The key to our success is the fully employed Polycast team in country. The focus for these team members is to work with partners and foundries to improve the process and method of manufacture. Also, to ensure the highest quality standards and inspection of product prior to leaving the country.

The management and negotiation of logistics is another key function. Not only between India and the UK or any other country, but secure movement between manufacturing partners to protect intellectual property of your product.

Polycast Ltd has a strict audit and policy prior to selecting an offshore partner. Only the partners that meet these criteria are selected to join the Polycast network.

Polycast Ltd are the perfect partner for secure low-cost country manufacturing.

To contact Polycast, or for more information and directions, visit our contact page.