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Quality Control Systems

Polycast Limited is approved to ISO9001:2008 in the UK and the facilities in China. The Chinese facility is also planning to attain TS16494, the automotive approval favoured by Ford, Daimler-Chrysler and General Motors. These approvals enable Polycast Ltd to accredit customer specifications, to prove the correct dimensional stability, metallurgy, testing and heat-treatments.

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Portsmouth Aviation work in close association with Polycast Ltd to produce aircraft / military / defence approved Precision Investment Castings. The parts supplied are qualified to the class 1, fully tested aerospace grade.

Trevor Perkins - Portsmouth Aviation

Portsmouth Aviation

Our quality assurance section:

Validates that all incoming materials are to specification.

Monitors the correct performance of each production process on each list.

Inspects and tests final products ready for dispatch.

The company’s laboratory includes a wide range of equipment. Samples are provided to enable the customer to check that a new product is in accordance with the specification and fit for the purpose in all respects.

Here at Polycast we are proud of numerous Blue-Chip company approvals, including Rolls-Royce Motors and British Aerospace along with many others.

Polycast Limited is a proud member of:

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