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Polycast’s China Casting Facility and Out Sourcing Services in Jiangyin, China

Polycast Ltd was recently approved a manufacturing licence for the manufacture of castings by the Peoples Republic of China.

Although Polycast Ltd has been sourcing successfully for their clients from the Far East for over 5 years, the management team felt this was a good opportunity for Polycast Ltd’s growth plans and to support their existing and new customers for volume, cost sensitive parts.

The new facility Jiangyin Uni-Pol Limited, is approximately 200 miles west from Shanghai and 250 miles east from Nanjing. Nanjing was the original Capital of China during the Qin Dynasty and now one of the 21st Centuries fastest growing centres for Automotive manufacture.

The Polycast Ltd team can now offer competitively priced, Investment, Low Pressure Gravity, High Pressure, Sand, Shell castings and machined parts, with all the services you would expect from a European approved foundry.

Supporting our UK investment casting capacity we have also installed a foundry production engineer in India . This gives us direct , on the ground control of not only investment castings but , die-cast aluminium , sand cast iron and steel forgings from India and China. We can now take your metal component project from concept, with our design and rapid prototype ability into full production with your choice of UK or low cost country supply chain. This is backed up with all the necessary quality , technical , financial and logistic controls at Polycast in Southampton.

Polycast also offer low cost tooling, development, Kan-Ban and safety stock services with standard European credit facilities.

This inclusive service can also assure our customers supply line by producing two sets of approved tools, with one set left at Polycast Ltd UK, for immediate use, in the unlikely event of supply disruption.

As the factory in China is owned by Polycast, there are no intermediary agents to deal with so customers can take advantage of having a direct relationship.

This China production option is obviously down to the choice of the customer, not compulsory, and clients can deal with the UK factory alone if they prefer. To contact Polycast, or for more information and directions, visit our contact page.

To contact Polycast, or for more information and directions, visit our contact page.